Clark Ainsworth- Rotary Scholar from Connecticut and my good friend

Me and Victoria from England

Three Rotary Scholars in Language Training- Clark (Dist. 7980- CT), Alexandra (Dist. 6190- LA) and Me (Dist. 5790- North Texas)

Tia Toya and Tio Ricardo- they are related to Chuck and Victoria Greer
in the Denton South Rotary Club. They live in Madrid and have really helped me get started here.

Marta (daughter of Tia Toya and Tio Ricardo) and her boyfriend Pablo.
They took me under their wing and helped me learn the city. They are great friends.

Me and Noemi- she was our profesor for a week in IH Madrid.
Many of the teachers and students went together to the "Festival de Paloma."

My friend Carolyn from France- we had the same Spanish Class

Me and Felix after dinner again

We had a great time everyday

Coca Cola Light- The Diet Coke of Spain

The Metro- The majority of Madrilenos don't have cars, we all use the metro.

My New Neighborhood- I'm moving to the corner of the Plaza Mayor to start music school!

That's it for August! Keep this site bookmarked and be on the look out for the September Pictures coming soon.

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