This is the view from my flat to La Plaza Mayor

The Plaza in the Day

The Plaza at Night

There are a ton of artists who make a fine living just by working on the plaza.

A Classic "Don Quixote de la Mancha" Work

There is every type of artwork you can think of out here.
Most artists paint right as everyone is watching.

This one was attracting everyone's attention.

Here's why........done in 20 minutes!

Introducing Carlos del Rio.....

He plays out here everyday and I've gotten to know him quite well,
he's helping me look for a flamenco guitar and he's really become my mentor.

From the graffiti background, one might think that this group is just here to practice quietly...

...but actually this is the Ural Group, formed in 1991, consisting of three russian virtouosi.
They came here to play (and make money) near La Plaza and they were easily making upwards of $600 a day in cd sales and tips.
Their music was unbelievable and we were all mesmorized. This type of classical concert would easily cost $30-$50 a head in the states! They played here all day for four days!

Here's another guy who plays out here everyday, he sings exactly like Eric Clapton.

This is the statue in the center of the plaza, it's being renovated right now, so they put up photos of it to keep the plaza complete.

Click HERE- for pictures of music school!