This is the Plaza Mayor. In the 1500's it was the market center in Madrid,
since then it's become a major center for music, ambiance and art.

I live through this portal

Down this street (Calle Toledo)

This is my building. Notice the white sheets on the 4th floor, that's where I live!

These are the stairs we walk everyday- I'm telling ya, Spain is keeping me in shape!

Here's our door. I live with a lady named Nieves, she rents out two of the rooms in her house.

This is Nieves, in addition to being a great subletter, she has really helped me with my Spanish!

This is Carlos from Colombia, he's the other person who lives here.
He has taught me ALL about the Spain Soccer League and we've become great friends.

Nieves' daughter Manuela and her kids live right next door and they hang out with us
from time to time. Her baby boy Leonardo is 4 months old.

This is Jorge, he's the oldest (8) and he made this bow and arrow himself

This is my room (sidenote: this is the second home I've lived in without a dryer!
It's funny because I'm not the only one, everyone here hangs their clothes!)

This is our kitchen, we have a gas stove and no toaster, so we toast our bread right on the stovetop.
Microwaves aren't popular either (we don't have one), so I've learned how to actually cook.

One of my favorite things to cook is Paella...

.....from the bag.

Click HERE- for a look at the art and music of La Plaza Mayor