This is Victoria, Javier, Loredona, Mateo, me and Amanda.
We hang out all the time.

Me and Victoria

This is "El Mollete", it's family run and my favorite restaurant in Madrid.

Thomas (the owner) and Vicki are good friends

This is Blanca, Thomas' wife and also owner, she taught me how to make "tortilla de patata"- my favorite Spanish dish.

Even though I don't live there anymore, I still like to go back and play dominoes with Felix.

He's been teaching me a bunch of Catalan Phrases for when I visit Barcelona!

The one on the left is my friend Alvaro, he let me come and watch him play
for a flamenco class at the Amor de Dios Flamenco School.

They were doing very complex rhythms and very LOUDLY! It was really neat to
see how the guitar fits with the dance.

Here's a sweet shot of the metro bus right before I got on. Madrid runs a very efficient system and it's only $35 a month. No car payment.

Before I moved out of Carmen's Flat, we went out to a special Catalan Restaurant (for some Barcelona home cookin').

Here is my Flamenco Mentor Carlos del Rio, it's going to be fun when I start my
flamenco lessons so we can start jamming. It's great because he lives so close!

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