This is my music school.

It is located on Calle de la Palma, which really reminds me of Fry Street in Denton. A very "cool" street.

It's a very busy school with lots of ensembles to organize. This is Mar working hard, she's one of the secretaries.

This is Mar and Blanca. They are the heartbeat of La Escuela de Musica Creativa. (and Mar's little girl Tanya)

This is my teacher Joaquin Chacon, he is a master bebop jazz guitarist.

Here's us jammin' on "Cherokee", he's given me a lot of great ideas on how to use diminished sounds over the Ab13 change.

More Jammin'

This is my teacher Braulio Galleguillos, he is a virtuoso classical tenor.

These classical lessons are great for singing technique.

Every year "EMC" has a big concert with a famous artist.
Gary Burton is among the famous jazz artists who have done clinics and concerts here.

This is one of our music combo rooms, they have great facilities here.

Flamenco Guitar Lessons start next month and so do all of the ensembles!

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