Me and fellow Rotary Scholar from Connecticut, Clark Ainsworth, as we enter Segovia

The Acuaduct is really amazing. It has stood close to 2000 years without a drop of mortar to keep it together- just it's own weight.

It's Original Purpose was to bring water from the Mountain to the City

We found the Rotary Club in Segovia! They meet every Tuesday for lunch right here- I'm gonna try and go!

This is Juan Bravo, a famous soldier from the 15th Century

I saw someone painting Juan Bravo in the distance and he was nice enough to let me capture his work right next to his object- notice the similarities

"An Artist and his Masterpiece"

The Famous Castle where "Los Reyes Catolicos" Lived (Ferdinand and Isabela). What a View from the top!

I told you it was a good view! You can see the Segovia Cathedral in the distance

Another shot from the top

Cool Statue

It was a nice trip to Segovia

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