This is the Plaza de Espana in the middle of Sevilla.

Of course we had to do the Sevilla Bus too. They gave us hats!

We found CHUFI again in Sevilla, we were very excited.

Our vacation was not without rain.

This was taken in the Sevilla Cathedral, the 3rd Biggest in Europe.

What's a visit to Spain without some Flamenco!

There was a festival during our last day in Sevilla, this group really captured the experience.

After listening to them, I was throughouly impressed with their singing
technique. Evey last one of them was nails!

The were dancing to "Alegrias" a type of Flamenco Dance.

Then the HUGE bells of the Cathedral started to ring, it was LOUD
and everyone just sat there in awe.

That's it for October!

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