Here's my Parents as they just got off the plane. They were SO excited to be in Spain!

Dad looking at all the European Buildings

The Madrid Shopping District

I had to introduce them to Bocadillos de Tortilla.

Later that night we went and had some Authentic Paella. That's the real deal.

On the Metro Going Home

Mom was tired.

We Decided to do the Madrid Vision Open Top Bus!

They gave us little headsets and drove us all over the city. Fortunately,
they had it in 5 different languages. I practiced my Spanish while Mom
and Dad listened in English.

One of the buildings we saw from the bus.

Don't EVER stand on these open top buses. One of these trees nearly took me out!

I also took my parents to meet my Tia Toya and Tio Ricardo.
They had a great time and we learned A LOT about Spain from them.

And of course I had to have them meet my first Spanish Mom, Carmen.
We had a great time and Victoria came too!

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