This is just before we got on the "Barcelona Vision Bus". I'm telling ya,
these busses are the way to go!

Mom and Dad looking at the La Sagrada Familia, Gaudi's famous Cathedral.

La Sagrada Famila

This is Horchata (CHUFI brand). We were told that it was out of season, so
we felt very fortunate to find it. It's not milk or soy milk, it's taken
from the tiger nut bean and it's got a sweet taste to it.

Remember Clark, the Rotary Scholar from the August Pictures? He lives in
Barcelona now! He hung out with us and showed us around.

A statue of Christopher Columbus pointing to the New World.

Next we went to Granada by train, good time to get these pics together!

This is just after arriving to Granada. We were really excited to see the Alhambra.

We also took the Granada Vision bus and checked out the city.

This is where they have the Bull Fights in Granada.

At the Alhambra they gave us little phone things that explained everything
as we went.

The Arabic designs, architecture and mastery of water, make the Alhambra very unique.

This is the "Albacin", famous for it's white washed buildings. Our hostal
was somewhere in there. This is the view taken from the Alhambra.

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