Greetings Rotary Club, Family and Friends!

October has been a month full of Rotary Activities and traveling the countryside!

At the beginning of the month, I gave my first speech at the Madrid North Rotary Club. It took place at the Hotel Cuzco in the center of Madrid and it was their monthly dinner. I talked to them about my first impressions of Spain and shared American culture by performing jazz for them. We all enjoyed the cultural exchange and they gave me a very warm Rotary welcome to Spain. Please enjoy the pictures below.

I also helped found a Rotaract Club this month! For those of you unfamiliar with Rotary, a Rotaract Club is a group of young adults, ages 18-30, that gets together and does service in the community. Anyone can join and itís a great way to meet other like minded people at the same time. There are Rotaract Clubs in every city in the world. I have included a link to the Rotaract Webpage below, if you have thought about doing service in the community, Rotaract is the way to go!

In addition to the different Rotary activities, my parents came to visit me out here. They decided to put 3 weeks of their lives in my hands to plan! Talk about pressure! So I got together all of my resources and planned for them a tour around Spain. We saw a lot of the country from the Mediterranean Coast in Barcelona to the Flamenco in Seville. Spain is quite a diverse land and we have captured it below for you all to enjoy.

Once again, I want to thank Rotary for giving me this opportunity and encourage you all to go and visit the Rotary links Iíve included throughout the website. From our home towns to nearly every city in the world, there are Rotary opportunities for each one of us. I hope you enjoy!

My First Rotary Speech and the new Madrid Rotaract Club

My Parents first time in Spain

Our Trip to Barcelona and Granada

The Flamenco in Sevilla

Click Here to find out about Rotaract!

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