Vicki and I decided to take a day trip to Salamanca- here we are in the Plaza Mayor

The Plaza in the Day

The Plaza at Night

On the trip there, we drove past Franco's grave. For those of you unfamiliar,
Franco was the facist dictator of Spain from 1939 to his death in 1975.

Even though it's been 28 years since his death, I have seen just how powerful an influence the Franco era still has over
people's consciousness. I've talked to many people about this. Some thought Franco wasn't too bad,
while others thought he was the worst thing that ever happened to Spain.

In the Plaza they have tributes to each Spanish leader through the centuries.
This one is of King Philip III who ruled from 1598 to 1621.

Here's Franco's. As you can see, it's been heavily damaged and it appears
like it's been that way for many years. My general feeling is that the people don't miss him.

Vicki in front of the River that runs through Salamanca

This is at the University of Salamanca. Somewhere on this mural, there is a carved frog and they say that if you find it, you'll have good luck for one year. Many people try and find it everyday, can you?

Neither could I. But luckily, Vicki had a book that told us where to look.

One of the works in the Salamanca Cathedral

An Astronaut blended in with the usual whimsical figures! Apparently this 1733 Cathedral was
refurbished and it's customary for the craftsmen to add something of his own to the work.
This is what he added. It's become a kind of trademark for Salamanca.

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