Downtown Madrid- The shopping center is ready for the holidays (and my sister Pam when she gets here in December).

The Statue is back up in the Plaza Mayor

One day Carlos was playing in the plaza and this little girl started
dancing all around him while he was playing.


This month I also got to eat some of the finest ants Colombia has to offer. These hail from Oiba,
Santender in Central Colombia and cost over $100 a kilo. They were the biggest ants I'd EVER seen!
Do you guys in the computer lab know what I'm talking about?

Carlos and I eating ants, he is a very generous person and always shares differnt things about
Colombian Culture with me. He has shown me a lot about Columbian music and diffent types of food as well.

These are called "Cromos de La Liga", which means "Stickers from the Spanish Soccer League". My spanish brother Jorge introduced me to them and I decided that I wanted my own book and to start collecting myself.

We get together from time to time and trade cromos, my favorite team is Real Madrid. Jorge's favorite team is Atletico de Madrid. For those of you who have never heard of these teams, Real Madrid is like the Lakers and Atletico de Madrid is like the Clippers (except better).

Earlier this month I exchanged emails with Denton-South Rotarian Dr. John Thornton, he told me that the OLDEST Restaurant in the WORLD (cerified by the Guiness Book of World Records) was in Madrid. When my friends Chauncey and Susan Mansell came to visit we went there! This is me and Susan- Thanks Dr. Thornton!

And what's life in Madrid without Dominoes with Felix?

A big part of this scholarship is not only to learn about other cultures, but to share mine as well.
Thanksgiving was the perfect opportunity.

Fortunately my friend Amanda from Idaho knew where to get a Turkey in Spain (she had to special order it!)
She was really the force behind sharing our Thanksgiving Tradition with our European Friends.

This is Bobby from England and Nora from Spain, this was their FIRST EVER Thanksgiving
and they were excited to try pumpkin pie for the first time.

I felt like I was back home again. Definitely one my most memorable Thanksgivings.

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