This is Nono Garcia, my Flamenco Guitar Teacher at La Escuela de Musica Creativa.

Flamenco Jammin'

Learning about Flamenco with Carlos in the Plaza Mayor

Remember Manuela? (on the right) Nieves' daughter that lives next door? She teaches flamenco dancing!
I decided to take a few classes in order to "coger el ritmo" (learn the rhythm).

She teaches classes at the Amor de Dios Flamenco Dance Conservatory in Madrid.

Manuela in Action

Our Flamenco Dance Class

Now to the Jazz side of things. This is the Escuela de Musica Creativa Big Band. We've been rehearsing for our big
concert in Clamores, one of the most famous jazz clubs in Europe.

This is Bob Sands, virtuoso saxophonist from New York. He's the leader of our band.

Some of the Guys During Break

Clamores Jazz Club, the night of the gig.

The stage was set.

We took the stage while Bob was introducing us.

And then got to work, 2 hours of Big Band Jazz!

I had a lot of friends come. This is with Hareth from Iraq,
Diana from California and Madiha from Pennsylvania.

All My Freinds That Came

The Band at the End of the Concert. We had a very responsive European Crowd!

See a Live Clip of the EMC Big Band!
(with a guitar solo)

Special Thanks to Greg Turcotte for teaching me how to do this!

(If you have DSL, the video takes about 2 seconds to open and play. If you have dial up, click on the link and just
continue through the website. It will take some time to download, but it will be the same quality as the DSL.)

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