Our Turkish friends planned the final part of our trip all around the
Bosphorus Sea (which connects both sides of Istanbul).

One night we had dinner on the Asia Side and they presented us with their club pins!

Okan and Ana Maria

Yaprak and Susybell

Me and Ayşegül

The next night, they planned a boat trip for us and invited all the
Rotaract Service Clubs in Istanbul!

That night, we met Çiçek Köksal, president of the Istanbul Altunizade
Rotary Club and exchanged club flags from the U.S. and Turkey.

Özlem, me, Liliana, Irene and Ada (peeking behind) with the flags.

Then the belly dancer started!

And made everybody dance.

This is Ömür another member of the club who hosted us so well.

And Kıvanç was holding down the fort and making sure everyone was well taken care of.

And I can't forget Hakan!

And the Guys (Deniz, Latif and Baran)

Then it was time for our Thank You Ceremony. To start, our club
presented Özlem a classic Spanish Fan and a necklace from Spain.

We also had a special golden plaque made with the Madrid Coat of Arms.
It said, "In Remembrance of the Brotherhood between Madrid-Serrano and Istanbul Altunizade.
Uniting the Ties of Friendship."

They loved it!

At the end of the night, I did a little performance of some Spanish flamenco and American jazz.

Followed by an excellent guitarist/singer who played great Turkish Music.

Words can't fully explain the friendship shared between these two clubs. After a few
days, we felt like we'd been friends for years. They will be visiting Madrid soon and
we will be doing lots of service projects together in the future.