On Sunday, the day after the rain and the manifestion, we experienced some gorgeous sun here in Madrid.

Vicki and I went out on a walk down main street and it just seemed very peaceful in the city.

The next day I saw the flags back up and I could feel the city getting back to normal life.

Much like the resolve of the Americans after 9-11, the Spanish refuse to live in fear.
They were out in the shopping districts and markets just like before 3-11.

Life was resuming.

On Monday, Carlos also began playing in the Plaza again.

The artists resumed with their work.

The street performers continued adding thier magic to the streets.

And school continued as normal.

A marvelous sunset closed the day.


The main reason I still feel safe living in Madrid is because of the possibility of death in everyday
life (driving on the freeways, etc.) is much more probable than a random terrorist attack.

When a person's time has come, it doesn't matter if they are in a train, on foot or driving home.
Like my Dad says, the only certain thing in life is death (and taxes).
I'm staying in Madrid and the city is continuing with life.
Everything's gonna be OK.