March 12, 2004 was a cloudy, rain filled day, but that didn't hold the
Spanish people back from showing their support for the victims and the city.

In the "Puerta del Sol" (middle of the city), people gathered in a peaceful
manner to protest against terrorism.

They had many different signs and were chanting "No Al Terrorismo".

This sign means, "The bomb didn't touch me, but they still killed me."

On every building in the city, people were putting out their Spanish Flags with a black ribbon.

From every angle of the city, the people were showing their support.

People were going to the Atocha Train Station, nearby where the attack happend to offer
any help they could. There were so many that they had to turn people away.

At the station there were tons of flowers, candles, letters, everything you could possibly
think of. It was like the whole city had come out to the site.

That night, EVERY store in all of Madrid closed at 6:30 because a peace
march had been planned. It was like nothing I'd ever seen before.

Despite a heavy pouring rain, over 2 MILLION people came to do the march. It was
very peaceful and not one of the 2 million got hurt. This is only 10 minutes walk from where I live!

It was the biggest manifestation in the history of Madrid. Miles and miles
of streets were jam packed with people.

The peace marches were not only in Madrid on this night. 1.5 million went out in Barcelona and over 11 million
in all the major cities of Spain. That's over 1/4th of the ENTIRE COUNTRY.

This wasn't just young people and students. Old people, people with kids,
people in wheelchairs... EVERYONE came to support. The Spanish people refuse to live in fear.

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