March 11, 2004... I woke up to get ready for school and it was already on the TV.

Translation: "The terrorists choose Madrid to attack against all." I couldn't
believe it, they could have chosen anywhere! Why Madrid?

The news coverage was happening live as it had just happened. It was
probably about 2 am in the States.

People were crying and there was lots of confusion.

Here's a guy that was calling home to say he was "ok". American TV never
shows this kind of gore on public TV, but Spain does. This wasn't the worst.

It really reminded me of being in the states durring 9-11.

Here's an airshot of one of the trains that got bombed.

The attack was pulled of very precisely: 3 places, 4 trains, 13 bombs, all
at the same time. What I have to say next is very important...

At first everybody thought ETA (pronounced "Et-uhh") was responsible because
they are the seperatist group from the North of Spain who have done acts of
terror before. That's the natural first thought, but there were some things
about this attack that weren't characterstic of ETA.

1. ETA is a political terrorist group that usually focuses their attacks on
the national guard, politicians, etc. They have killed innocent people in
the "crossfire" before, but not usually like this.

2. In the past 40 years of ETA, they nearly always call and warn before they detonate
their bombs in public places. There was no warning in this attack.

3. ETA has never done anything this well planned and executed on so many random
non-government people. The worst attack they've done was 23 killed in 1987.

4. A stolen van was found right outside of Madrid with tapes in Arabic and bomb

Something was smelling like Al-Qaeda from the very beginning.

....and the attack happened exactly 911 days after September 11, 2001.

On my walk to school, ALL Spanish flags were half mast.

As I was walking I saw this HUGE line! It had to be close to a half mile long.

It was a huge blood drive. The Spanish People were doing all they could to help.

Of course the gut instinct of the people was to blame ETA and the government was adamant that it HAD to be ETA.


You'll see at very soon, keep
going through the pictures.

The Spanish People have remained very strong throughout all of this.
The next day I would experience the power of the people like never before.