I'll never forget Coca Cola Light....

...or the Horchata (kind of like sweet soy milk, but extracted from the tiger nut bean).

...and the real paella.

Although the paella from the bag wasn't that bad!

It was also really cool to try Iraqi food, something we don't get back home.

And my favorite Spanish Restaurant, El Mollete. If you are ever in Madrid, GO THERE!

Of course, all the great Spanish Ham will be missed.

Especially the chorizo, my personal favorite (it's kind of like beef jerky).

Speaking of beef jerky, they don't have it in Europe and it was a pleasure introducing it to everyone!

And Pam had lots of fun introducing American Stuff as well.

Special thanks to Rotary District 5790 for giving so many Texas Rotary
pins to hand out during the year. They were very popular!

And to Denton-South Rotary for all the lovely flags. I traded them all
and I'm bringing new ones home to the Tuesday Morning Meeting!

It was also really nice that my parents were able to visit...

and I'll never forget Christmas with Vicki and her family in England.

Or new years with Pam, Melina and Nick in Switzerland.

The Royal Palace of Spain was a definite highlight...

and so was living by the Plaza Mayor all year.

I was particularly impressed at how clean Madrid was. The Cleaning Patrol
did a great job, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

And of course, I'll never forget the tragedy of March 11th...

and how resilient the Spanish people were through it all.

And the trip to Turkey was a DEFINITE a highlight, more friendships that will last a lifetime.

This ENTIRE YEAR was paid for and brought to you by Rotary International.
What they do with this Ambassadorial Scholarship is a VERY powerful thing, it really does further world peace.

Words cannot describe the gratitute I feel towards Rotary for giving this
opportunity to scholars. All of the experiences have taught me about the world
in a way I never could have learned otherwise. Although words cannot do justice
to how I feel, I say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart and I hope that
everyone who saw these updates feels the Rotary Spirit as well.

Everybody please keep in touch and remember,
I have a surprise to send you all in a few months!

Thanks again for all of your support and love,

Jared Crebs
Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar
2003-2004, Madrid

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