To finish off the school year, La Escuela de Musica Creativa held a HUGE
concert in the center of Madrid.

It was even featured on the news!

To start the concert, our small group played our final performance.

Then it was time for our last Big Band show.

It was really nice playing with these guys all year and becoming close friends.

Special thanks to Tobias, Vicki, Amanda and Carlos for coming to my
last Spain performance.

Me and Tobias (from Germany) are both Rotary Scholars assigned to Madrid. We became great
friends through Rotaract and decided to throw a going away party to finish our year abroad.

We found a great little terrace over looking the Royal Palace to have it.

Almost everyone I ever met in Spain came!

This is Nieves, the lady I lived with all year, and her grandson Leonardo.

On my final night, Vicki and I had another going away party in the Plaza Mayor.
Vicki got an excellent job offer in Hong Kong and leaves about the same time I do!

My guitar teacher Carlos came with his family. I gave them all
Texas Rotary pins as a momento.

Carlos and his daughter Maria.

Juan, my good friend from the Big Band also came.

And so did my roomate Carlos from Columbia.

And this is my new friend, Javier, from Venezuela.
They all LOVED their Texas Rotary Pins!

I also took advantage of my last opportunity to introduce Pop Tarts.
Carmen and Paola from the language training school loved them!

And Peny was absolutely pleased with her very own North Texas Shirt.

Finally, I couldn't forget my last game of dominoes with Felix!

We became great friends throughout the year.

Click HERE- for an explanation of the Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship