To finish our Rotaract year, we decided to do a Capea as a fundraiser.

What's a Capea?
(pronounced ka-PAY-uh)

A Capea is a Spanish family day in the country were they do BBQ, go swimming
and play with baby bulls! Now here's the deal, no harm is done to the bull.
It's just a time to have fun and elude baby bulls with a red cape.

To do it, we reserved a big bull fighting ring in the country...

with a nice big pool...

and a big BBQ Area. We were VERY well prepared.

We sold tickets to nearly 200 people and they were all very excited for the capea.
Through all of our efforts, we raised nearly $2000 dollars! The money is headed to
AESLEME, a spinal chord research organization.

Before entering the bull ring, there was this sign that essentially says
"Enter At Your Own Risk". I was thinking, "No Problem, it's just a baby bull.
How scary could it be?"

IT WAS SCARY. Baby Bulls are still BIG, VERY BIG.

But there were brave people who tested the waters.

And test they did. This was a close call, but no one was hurt.

It was SUPER hot that day and after the first bullfight, everyone needed a dip in the pool.

Here's some of us cooling down before we had to cook in the burning hot BBQ.

And burning hot it was. This is Carlos, one of our expert cooks.
It was almost 100 degrees that day WITHOUT the blistering fires in the BBQ!

After the BBQ, everyone was well fed and ready for the next round of baby bull fighting.

In the last session, Miluco and Pablo got the guts to go out.

And I did too, kinda.

Here's a few of us afterwards: Me, Cesar (in his Texas Hat), Susybell and Irene (our club president next year).

It was a great fundraiser and a nice way to end the year with Rotaract.

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