Ahh Super Bowl Sunday, (Monday EARLY morning for Madrid)....another
chance to share a little American Culture.

This is one of the only bars in the entire city that showed the Superbowl.
They had to get a special permit to stay open all night long.

Inside I'd never seen more Americans in one European place!

Fortunately I had two friends that were tough enough to come out on a Sunday
night at 1 am to see the game- Vicki (my girl) and Juan (the pianist in the Big Band).

We got the game on a British feed that didn't show all the commericials, but it did show the halftime show.

I took a shot at explaining the game to Vicki and Juan. I never realized
how truly complicated American Football is to other sports.

Fortunately this game was one of the most exciting in Super Bowl History and
Vicki and Juan were picking up the game quite quickly by halftime.

Well, you all know what happened during halftime. Out here nobody really
freaked out like so many did back home, I guess it's the culture.

During our 5 hour Super Bowl Marathon, we made some friends. This is Krysti
and Stephanie, both from Texas (College Station and Grapevine)!

What a game... Vinatieri comes through again in the clutch!

Although the game ended around 5 am, It was still a ton of fun and I think
Vicki and Juan are Patriots fans now. Heh.

Special thanks to Dr. Norval Pohl, UNT President, for the lovely North Texas
Sweatshirts which got me through the winter.

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