This is Carlos Rangel and Gustavo Almela. Carlos is in charge of Community Service for
our Rotaract Club and he led this event with Gustavo to inform the Community of Madrid about spinal cord injuries.

It was held in the Community Center of Madrid in the heart of downtown.

This is the sign we designed to advertise the event.

To begin Miluco Castelo, the president of our club, spoke to everyone about
Rotaract and the service projects we do.

Then Gustavo spoke to us about his personal injury, what it's like to live as a tetraplegic
and what can be done to avoid these types of injuries. It was very powerful.

Here's one of the illustrations he used to teach us about which parts of the brain determine certain serious injuries.

During the presentation, Jara Alonso spoke to us as well. She represented a local hospital
and explained to us all of the different types of injuries and what they lead to.

After their presentation, I got ready to play for the event.

I did my normal show and worked out my spanish a bit with some improv on "Las Mananitas" as well.

It wasn't a bad crowd for a rainy Saturday.

Denton South meets Madrid Zurbaran

Special thanks to my good friend Eddie for the tech support.

Afterwards we took Gustavo out to lunch in Tirso de Molina to celebrate our first event of the year.

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