This is the Spanish Royal Palace located in the heart of Madrid.
Unlike the Buckingham Palace, the King doesn't actually live there, so they
are open 7 days a week for public visits!

Me and Jorge decided to visit it one Saturday afternoon. We also got
these little phone things that told us about the history of the palace.

This is the Cathedral right across the street from the Palace

Some nice Victorian architecture.

Inside almost everyroom has a different painted ceiling like this.

Check out the King's dining room. They actually still use this when ambassadors
from other countries come to visit.

This is a Stratovarius Violin, from the 18th century. For those of you unfamiliar,
this is THE best violin maker in the history of the instrument.
These types of violins cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

They also had some Eighteenth Century Guitars. Very expensive as well.

This is Queen Isabel, one of the Reyes Catolicos who united Spain in the 15th century.

This is King Ferdinand, of the Reyes Catolicos (Catholic Kings).

At the end we visited the Royal Armoury, this was my favorite part. Check these out.

Apparently they had Women Warriors as well!


All in all Jorge and I learned a lot and had a great time in the Palacio Real.

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