My International House Madrid Spanish Class
L to R- Jared (Texas), Victoria (London), Kalmer (Estonia), Renata (Brazil),
Phillip (Germany), Marie (France), Clark (Connecticut), and our Profesora Meli (Spain)

Lori Boca, Penelope Lopez and Carmen Traver- the heartbeat of IH Madrid

"In Action"


One of my favorite things about IH Madrid is that they do weekly fieldtrips to famous places in the city- here we are at the Goya Exhibition

This is Rocio- she is a profesor at IH Madrid and she was our guide on many of the weekly fieldtrips

International Food Day at IH Madrid- the whole school came!

I brought my guitar to entertain but I forgot my mic stand. Lina from Croatia saved the day. (thanks Lina)

Later everyone sang songs from their homeland- Penelope belted out one from Bilbao (Northern Spain)

"Las Italianas"

Lori sang a touching rendition of "Cine Iubeste Si Lasa" from Romania

Kalmer from Estonia sang a touching ballad

Jump! Helena- the director of the Spanish Department- sang "Los San Fermines" from Bilbao

Then I finished off the party with "Johnny B. Goode"

Click HERE- for pictures of my trip to Segovia- we found the Rotary Club there!