Ok, you've got everything mixed and ready, clean the pan for the final go.
Make sure you dry it well too.

Now put your stove on the highest level possible, heat up the pan real good
and add just a little bit of olive oil to avoid sticking.

Then put your stove on the lowest setting possible to continue.

Next, pour the mixture in to the pan....

...and put a top on that baby. Let it cook for only 3-4 minutes (we actually over cooked ours a bit).

After 3-4 minutes, give it a little check with the knife.
The goal is to get it soft on the inside and golden brown on the outside.

You gotta be the judge.

Ok, it's time to flip it over. This part is not hard, but you should do it
over the sink to avoid any drippage and make sure you have a top with a handle,
like the one you see here.

Alright, flip it over quick!

And slide it back on to the pan.

Now cook it 2-3 more minutes. Even though we over did ours a bit, it still tasted fabulous!

Time to take it out of the pan. To do this, get a plate and put it on top of the pan.

Take it over to the sink to avoid any drippage and flip it on to the plate!

Mmmmmm a finished Tortilla!

Here's a side view of the tortilla from the table.

It's time to eat, Congratulations... and enjoy your Spanish Tortilla!

Remember after you've made it to send me a picture of you and your Spanish Tortilla!
Tell us how you liked it and any unique experiences you had during the
process. You and your tortilla will then be featured in next month's website!

Send digital camera pictures to: jmcrebs@hotmail.com

Send developed film pictures to:
Jared Crebs
Calle Toledo 19, 4.C
Madrid 28005

That's it for February, THANK YOU ROTARY!