Carlos and I are going to show you how to make your own Spanish Tortilla from home.

What is a Spanish Tortilla?

It's a mixture of potatoes, onions and red peppers mixed in an egg type
omlette....but let me assure you, it's not like an omelette either.

When I first arrived I had no idea what it was, now it's one of my FAVORITE DISHES EVER.

This tortilla will be able to feed 2 people VERY well. It's best to get a
friend and have some fun making it together. We hope this special will enable you
to make your own Spanish Tortilla and have a taste of Spain for yourself.

Let's get started!

Ok, to start you will need 6 peeled potatoes, 6 eggs, 1 and 1/2 onions,
half a red pepper and a new bottle of olive oil. (And 1 normal sized frying pan)

Next, chop everything up in to little "cubitos" (cubes)

After everything is cut, add some salt to the eggs. But DON'T Mix them yet.
We'll save that step for later.

Alright, everything should be cut and look like this before you get started.

The first thing to do is fry the onions and red peppers in olive oil, so
pour enough oil that the onions and peppers will be covered completely.

After the oil is boiling (not anytime sooner), add the onions and red peppers.

Fry them until the onions look golden brown.

After the onions are looking golden brown, take them out of the pan and put
them in a big bowl, straining as much oil from them as possible.

Now, for a sharp hint.
Carlos says to strain the remaining olive oil to take out all of the onion and pepper bits.
That way we can re-use the olive oil for the potatoes and those little bits won't burn.

Now that the oil is strained and waiting for a second round, clean and DRY the pan.
Drying is important because you don't want to mix the water with the olive oil.

Next, make sure the oil is boiling before adding the potatoes.
You'll need a lot of olive oil to cover them all.
Fry them to a golden brown.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You will have to do two rounds of frying for all six
potatoes. You will find that 3 potatoes will fill up the pan quite well on their own.
So be ready for two rounds of fryin' for all the potatoes.

This is a picture of everything fried and ready for the next step. When
taking the potatoes out of the olive oil, make sure you strain them as much as
possile before mixing them with the fried onions and red peppers.

Now it's time to beat the eggs.

Then mix everything together!

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