This set of photos is about some of the little things in Spain that one notices just by living here.

One Sunday afternoon I was walking home in the rain and I noticed a rainbow around the post office.

Another day, I noticed a single rose just sitting there in the middle of the sidewalk.

Here's a shot of the one of the Segovia Cathedrals at night. Normal stuff.

Carlos Playing by Moonlight in the Plaza

Dominoes with Felix is still a tradition running strong.

In Spanish bars, the custom is to just throw any garbage to the floor.
They say that it's not a good bar unless the floor's a mess. This was a good one!

The Spanish got it right about cheap cologne, some of it really does smell like barf!

One thing I've been noticing ever since I got here is how CLEAN Madrid is.
The Reason?

They call them "La Limpieza" (The Cleaning Patrol) and there are HUNDREDS
of them all over the streets, 24 hours a day.

They literally wash the streets everyday and keep litter from building up in the city.


In Spain, "Jamón" is KING. They have literally thousands of stores just like this
all over the country.

It's also nice to share a little "Americana" every now and then. Many people are
Utah Jazz and the Memphis Grizzlies fans because both teams have Spanish players.
This is our friend Jose Carlos whom we met while touring the Spanish Royal Palace.

Another thing that is very difficult to find here is Peanut Butter (especially crunchy).
It makes for a great inter-cultural gift. My friend Antonio is now an avid peanut butter fan.

And these, are some of the little things I've noticed during my time here.

Now the TIME has come...

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