This is the Mercado Anton Martin. During the week it's a huge meat market (literally),
but on the second floor, it's home the the Amor de Dios Flamenco Conservatory in Madrid.

Here's the "escudo" of the school. I've been practicing many months for this moment.

My job is to accompany the dancers, keep the rhythm with them and watch
for any changes.

This is Manuela Romero, the teacher.

To teach a class like this, Manuela demonstrates the moves first,
while the students take note.

Then they do it together.

This particular move fits perfectly into "Alegrias", which is a special flamenco dance.
At the end of the pictures I've included a clip of them dancing Alegrias to demonstrate.

After going through the steps together, Manuela likes to take a break and explain
some more of the subtleties to the students. She's a masterful teacher.

Some re-working of the steps.

One of Flamenco's Bright New Stars

Me and Manuela at the end of the class.

Special Thanks to Eddie for taking such great pictures and videos!

Click Here to See The Class Dance Alegrias!
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