To finish Christmas Break, we decided to go visit our friend Melina in Zurich!

This is Melina's dad Pavol, he is also very generous and let us stay at his home in the center of Zurich.

A Classic Swiss Building

Nemo in German!

While we were there I had the opportunity to visit scholarship supervisor Losang Ribi in the
Rotary Europe Africa Office! He's a huge reason that these Rotary Scholarships are so successful. Thank You Losang!

This is my friend Nick from Utah. He's currently stationed in Kaiserslautern,
Germany with the Army. He came to Zurich to spend New Years with us!

Here's us walking to see the fireworks on New Years Eve.

They put on quite a show for New Years with a huge firework display!

The day after New Years we went to Melina's Grandparents for some down home Swiss Cookin'.

They gave us these huge slices of quality swiss cheese to melt in these little
pans, then we put it on potatoes with bits of bacon and other swiss stuff.

Then I pulled out the guitar and played my new flamenco repetoire for them.

Melina's Grandparents use actual REAL candles in their Christmas Tree.
I'm not sure how they get the branches to support them, but it works!

Nick also took me back to Germany for a few days to see the base where he lives
and stock up on great American products that I can't get in Spain!

Nothing like a 3 pack of Hanes V-necks.

We also picked up some Beef Jerky at the Army base to introduce to Pavol and Melina's friend Edmea. They loved it!

Pamela.......catching a snowflake.

That's it for December! Click HERE- to find out about Rotary Scholarships in YOUR home town!