Some of the Rotaract Service Club members on our induction night. We were
at the Hotel Via Magna on a famous street in Spain called "La Castellana".

This is the Madrid Serrano Rotary Club, they sponsor our Rotaract Club
and hosted our induction.

This is the Madrid-Serrano Rotary Club President Roger Fry.

The night began with some words from Tommaso Virdia, our liaizon between the
Rotary and Rotaract Service Clubs. He's been our mentor through the entire project.

Our president Emilio Castelo accepted the Induction on our behalf and then
gave a speech on our goals for the year.

He talked about projects we have done and are planning to do, such as "Igualia".
- A project for 200 children here in Madrid to learn about different cultures.
We are also planning a project to raise awareness on avoiding spinal cord injuries.

We were all excited to be there representing club, we filled two tables with members!

The Other Half of the Group

After the ceremony, it was time for my third speech and performance. I played for
about a half an hour and it was nice to share cultures with the music.

At the end we exchanged Rotary Flags from Denton-South, USA for one from
Madrid-Serrano Spain. A lovely night of cultural exchange was had by all!

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