This is my sister Pamela, she's a freshman attending Weber State University
in Utah and she came to visit me in Spain for Christmas Break!

The first thing we did was hop on the Madrid Vision Tour Bus. You could say we had our choice of seats!

This is a Spanish Cathedral in the center of Madrid we saw from the bus.

We also saw a historic statue of Lucifer in the Madrid Retiro Park.
This is the only public statue of the Devil in Europe!

After being here for about a week, Pam had a craving for some American food.
You wouldn't think Burger King would be that different out here but it kind of
was- they were BLASTING Techno Music!

This is Eddie Mendez, my great friend from Venezuela. He really helped me out
when I couldn't be with Pam and they became good friends.

He also introduced us to hallaca, which is a Venezuelan dish kind of like
tamales, but it's also distinct in itself. We really enjoyed it.

We also made it down to Segovia to see the 2000 year old Aquaduct.

Pam and Eddie in Front of the Aquaduct

While we were in Segovia, we had a traditional Spanish Lunch with my friend
Rodrigo and his family. Lunch is the big meal of the day over here and their
whole family gets together like this everyday... this was a Tuesday afternoon!

During Lunch we learned that Rodrigo's family is in the Stain Glass Industry
for Historical Sites and Cathedrals. Here's some of their work in the Alcazar Castle in Segovia.

Later they gave us a tour of their shop, pretty impressive!

While Pam was here she noticed how "cool" the Spanish do their scarfs, so
I decided to take her to fashion expert Carmen Traver of IH Madrid.
(Remember her from the August pics?)

Nothing like a little cultural exchange.

And what's a visit to Spain without Dominoes with Felix?

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