Just before we went to London we decided to see this is a 14th century castle that's really
close to Vicki's house. It was actually feautured in the movie, "Robin Hood, Prince of Theives".

Vicki also lives really close to Stonehenge!

And now, London!

Victoria in front of a Victoria Buckingham Palace Sign.

The Royal Family Coat of Arms

Buckingham Palace
(When the flag is up that means the Queen is there!)

Big Ben

Pamela in front of the Parliment Building (connected to Big Ben).

This is the London Eye, created in 2000 for the new millenium, that's where
I got the panoramic shot of London above.

This was one of the coldest days in my entire life. It was crazy because we
would get sun for 30 minutes or so and then the clouds would take over for hours.
Then we'd get another taste of sun for a bit. By 4 or 5pm it was completely dark and just so cold.

Can you beleive that these pictures were all taken on the same day?

Fortunatley, we found the Texas Embassy while we were there.

And you know those guards? They really don't move!

It was a fun trip, but very, very cold!

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