Greetings Rotary Club, Family and Friends,

December was an action packed month to say the least! My sister Pamela came to visit me for almost the entire month, we spent Christmas in England, New Years in Switzerland and also spent a little time in Germany!

To begin the month I did my 3rd Rotary Speech with the Madrid Serrano Club and it was also the induction of the new Rotaract Club we started a few months ago. I hope you enjoy the pictures and learning about our new Rotaract Service Club!

When my sister Pamela came, we spent 10 solid days touring Spain. She absolutely loves the shopping here because all of the pants in Spain come extra long. Pam had a wonderful time seeing the sites, learning about the culture and meeting all my friends.

On the 23rd, Pamela and I began our Christmas Vacation. We spent it at Victoria’s house in England…. talk about a Green Christmas! They live in Dorset which is just south of London and the land is lush green everywhere. We learned about all of the English Christmas traditions and got many pictures for you to enjoy!

Then we took a brief trip to see London. We saw Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, the London Eye, and much more! It was a fun day, but it was SO COLD. Nevertheless, we hope you enjoy the pictures of London.

To finish our trip, we went to Zurich, Switzerland to visit our friend Melina for New Years. During our stay I got to visit the Rotary Europe Africa Office in Zurich and meet Losang Ribi, the Rotary Scholarship coordinator!

I also have a friend Nick from Utah that is stationed out in Germany, only 200 miles away, and he spent New Years with us as well. He even took me back to Germany for a few days to relax at the Army Base.

I learned so much about life in Europe and different cultures this Christmas that I really want everyone to know how truly effective these scholarships are. Please visit the Rotary Links included in the site to find out what opportunities you can get from Rotary as well!

I hope you enjoy the December Pictures!

The Induction of the Madrid Serrano Rotaract Club and my Third Speech!

My sister Pamela's visit to Spain

Christmas in England

Our Trip to London

New Years in Switzerland and a touch of Germany

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