This is my building in Downtown Madrid- I lived here my first month

I had to walk up these stairs everyday because I lived on the 3rd floor- good workout!

Here's our front door

Carmen Olle "My Spain Mom" and Charlie our dog

Felix Olle "My Spain Grandpa"- he's 95 years old, healthy and sharp!

Felix on the Balcony

Felix and I hang out every night right after dinner- he teaches me words in Catalan (the predominant language in Barcelona)

Marjorie, Jared, y Loic- Carmen rents out 3 rooms to students and we are her "kids".

Loic and I eat dinner together every night- we eat like Kings at Carmen's House

We also like to relax and watch Real Madrid Soccer Games- Viva Beckham!

This is not our toilet, but it's in our bathroom and I have no idea what it is

The view from my Room in the Day

View from the Night

Click HERE- for pictures of my Language School Experience
Rotary even gives us language training in the host country before we start at our university!