Early April marked Semana Santa "Holy Week", a time when all of
Spain either goes on vacation or goes to church.

I decided to find out what it was all about, so I asked my Spanish friend Juan
to come with me. Although he's lived in Madrid his ENTIRE LIFE, he had never been
to a Semana Santa Procession.

While waiting there, we made some friends, Maria from Spain and Michelle from Singapore.

We waited and waited until the sun went down and it was absolutely freezing.

Then the first one appeared. They call him the "Cruz Guia", which is the leader of the procession.

From kilometers away, we could hear "La Marcha" playing their sad processional music.

After "La Marcha" came "La Bulla", which are crowds of
church members walking in the cold WITHOUT shoes.

Now THAT'S Cold.

Some had even attatched chains to their bare feet!

Meanwhile, we were just trying to keep warm (without success).

Then came the Nazarenos, which are usually a fraternity or brotherhood in the
local church. They are the ones that wear the pointy hats (called antifaz).

There were TONS of them.

After the "Nazarenos" came "El Paso de Cristo", a huge float. Quite impressive.

This was the only float in this particular procession,
but during the entire week there are at least 3-4 different processions per day.

Following the float were thousands of people (all with shoes).

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