At the end of April, our Rotaract Service Club was invited to the RYLA
in Spain, which is a leadership camp hosted by the local Rotary Clubs for
youth between 18-30. RYLA is also quite big in the States.

This year it was held in El Escorial, which is a beautiful
historic city an hour from Madrid.

Here's the whole group for the weekend, besides the Rotaract Kids, no one really knew each other.

The RYLA is usually a 3 day Retreat, but I couldn't make it until Saturday, so we'll take it from there.
To start, we had a discussion on leadership and the best way to organize projects and events.

It was especially good for Irene because she's the President of the Madrid-Serrano Rotaract Club next year!

During the afternoon, we all split into teams and began doing obstacle courses.

One of them was balancing 8 people on a little towel and while
no feet could touch the grass. Heavy planning and teamwork required.

After a few hours doing various activities such as Potato Bag Jumping,
following each other around with blinfolds, etc. It was time for a break.

Later, one of the organizers got us all pumped up for the
presentation we had to prepare for the next day.

Although everyone was pretty tired, that didn't stop us from going out all night!

But in the morning, everyone pretty much felt just like Marcos.

For our final presentation, Rotarians from all over the community came to see what we had learned.

This is one of the huge signs we made depicting the entire weekend.

And here is our fearless leader and chief organizer of the RYLA, Jose Luis Goytre.

It was a sweet time.

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