The Hotel Villa Magna was all decked out for the annual Madrid Serrano Rotary Semana Santa Dinner.

The venue was just big enough that it needed all my equipment,
I have no idea how I'm gonna get this stuff back to Texas.

Fortunately, my Mom, Aunt Carla and 1/3rd of the Winbergs (Bill) were able to come!

Then the dinner began...

...and a fine dinner it was.

Aunt Carla brought an "American Gift" and it was a real hit.

Jiff Extra Crunchy Peanut Butter

After a wonderful intro....

I began with a flamenco set to show everything I'd learned during my time in Madrid.

Then I switched to some jazz.

The Real Fun began when all the Rotarians wanted to perform as well!

There was even another guitarist in the crowd!

Then we all got together and finished the show with a moving rendition of "La Bamba".

This is me, Mom, Tommasso and Aunt Carla after the Show. Tommasso is one
of the people responsible for Spain's Excellent Rotary Youth Exchange Program.

And Special Thanks to Bill Winberg for taking such great photos and videos!

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