To begin the month, my Mom and Aunt Carla came to visit me in Madrid!

Coincidentally, the Winbergs scheduled a visit to Madrid on the same plane, for the same days!
They are friends of the family (Melissa, Sara Jane and Bill).

Although nothing was previously planned, all of the sudden we had a
"Mom, Aunt Carla and The Winberg Family Vacation".
It was time to discover Spain.

The first thing I wanted to show them was my favorite Spanish Pastry, marzipan.
It is a mix of crushed almonds and sugar.

I think the Winbergs liked it.

I also wanted to show them the influence of other cultures, especially ones we don't see
much in the states, so I took them to my favorite Iraqi food place, "Mr. Shawarma".

Some of the great food they make includes hummus, stuffed peppers, pita bread and kebaps.

Toledo is a "must see" because it's only an hour from Madrid.

It was actually the capital of Spain during the Medieval Times and is famous for its Medieval Weapons.

Mom and Aunt Carla immediately had to play.

Segovia is also a "must see". It's only an hour from Madrid in the other direction.

Everyone loved the 2000 year old Aquaduct.

After all that walking around, Mom was tired. Fortunately she caught a power nap at the
local McDonalds in Segovia. Not even the Birthday Party going on behind could wake her!

And what's a visit to Spain without some flamenco?

It was an action packed 8 days and very nice to see my some familiar faces again.

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