Greetings Rotary Club, Family and Friends,

The time has come again for PICTURES!

April was a very busy month marked by my Motherís return visit (with Aunt Carla and the Winbergs), a very special Rotary Speech, the Spanish Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) and Semana Santa (Holy Week).

And I've saved the best for last this month, The Spanish Tortilla Success Stories I received in response to the February "Taste of Spain- How to Make Your Own Spanish Tortilla" feature.

My time in Spain has been going along very smoothly since March 11th and everything in the city has been back to normal for quite some time. Thanks again to Rotary for making this entire year possible, words cannot explain the experience, but these pictures can come close.


Mom, Aunt Carla and The Winbergs Visit Madrid

A Very Special Rotary Speech

The Rotary Youth Leadership Awards

Semana Santa- Holy Week in Spain

Spanish Tortilla Success Stories!

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